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UGtizer PenTablet Drivers for Windows & Mac


UGtizer PenTablet Driver Android system:There is no need to install drivers for Android OS 6 and above. If you have installed the tablet driver, please remove the it.


UGtizer PenTablet Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Release Note
Date : 20-02-2021 PenTablet Driver V6.48 for Windows
Date : 02-05-2018 PenTablet Driver V6.29 for Windows(For Photoshop CS3 and lower versions)
If you have installed the tablet driver, please remove the old driver and reboot before install the new driver. Driver Codesigned for Windows has changed from SHA1 to SHA2, If you got an error for ceritificateion issue, please install the following Microsoft Windows Security Update Windows 7 system security update (KB3033929)


UGtizer PenTablet Driver for Mac OS 10.6 ~ 10.15, OS 11.0
​​​Date : 20-02-2021 PenTablet Driver V3.28 for MacOSX
Issue for MacOSX 10.14 and later
Not working when upgrade to MacOS 10.15.

Commonly used graphic software

Download a trial version Photoshop / Illustrator (Windows/Mac)
Download a trial version Corel Painter (Windows/Mac)
Download a trial version PaintTool SAI (Windows)
Download a trial version Clip Studio Paint (Windows/Mac)
Download a free version MediBang Paint (Windows/Mac)
Download a free version Krita (Windows/Mac)
Download a free version FireAlpaca (Windows/Mac)


UGtizer PenTablet Driver package with :
1.Detailed manual
2.PenWalker ( For Windows only)
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