Pen Display Tablet, tablet monitor, digitizer

Pen display for designer, OEM pen display

A-one has 21.5” screen size, 1920x1080 high resolution and 178° view angle. With 5080 resolution and NTSC 92% color gamut, it provides high color saturation and great drawing experience.

Full-laminated AG Anti-glare glass simulating paper friction coefficient that helps you draw more accuratly with your stylus. With anti-glare technology, it reduces the glare damage to human eyes.

With 6 shortcuts and 5 touch screen keys, you can adjust screen brightness and other settings easily. 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity enhance your productivity and creates an intuitive working environment while creating.

 Compatible with WIN/MAC, and supports 32/64 bit systems as well as dual monitor set-ups. The monitor of 13mm thickness with a 20° to 80°adjustment stand make it convenient to use.

P70 charging pen: active stylus pen, with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, graceful linearity and low failure rate. Quick charge technology, over 1000 hours of use in a single charge.
adjustable monitor
Anti-glare glass, anti-glare technology
• With over 30 years OEM experiences, UGtizer has been dedicated to education for 12 years and is highly recommended by professional designers and vocational schools in Taiwan. We constantly brainstorm for surprising ideas and useful functions with students together.

• UGtizer's accessories, an adorable bounce back pen holder and a waterproof protective case were designed by students.
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