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• PF8616 has 8" x 6" comfortable working area, 8192 levels, 5080LPI, with turntable and wheel control pad. It is convenient for advanced drawers zooming in/out on screen, and changing brush size. There's no need to use mouse and keyboard shortcut keys.

• Customizable 24 hot keys & 5 physical keys save time for quick learners from memorizing keyboard shortcuts.

• Pro Pen8 eraser pen provides 8192 level of pressure sensitivity that makes you have full control over slim and thick lines. The battery free pen (with eraser on the pen tail) allows users to apply customized shortcuts to the up & down buttons, such as switching to undo and other common tools. Its ergonomic grip design and anti-slip rubber help reduce hand strain, making drawing less tiring.

• Pro Pen8 gives you great drawing experience with its exceptional linear performance and 5080 resolution.
【Innovative software】
• UGtizer's innovative software PENWALKER supports digital signature and note taking while giving lectures or doing presentations with slideshows or pictures. Screenshots are also available. Penwalker, also can trace the background image on screen.

• Penwalker is not only great for beginners to draw on screen, but is also a great tool for teachers to teach online and annotate on PowerPoint. Since 2020, it has been widely used on distance education and remote work. 
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• With over 30 years OEM experiences, UGtizer has been dedicated to education for 12 years and is highly recommended by professional designers and vocational schools in Taiwan. We constantly brainstorm for surprising ideas and useful functions with students together.

• UGtizer's accessories, an adorable bounce back pen holder and a waterproof protective case were designed by students.
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